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Zara knit and leather jacket // Mango pants // Daniel Wellington watch // Nike benassi slides


When last summer arrived, my style got more bohemian. I was so inspired by metal-colored bohemian jewellery, feathers, cactuses, palm trees (who wasn’t actually?), the sea and surf spirit. I wanted to integrate this all in my blog and instagram. But now that winter is coming more close, by style gets more minimalistic. I think it so funny how seasons seems to influence my style. Both are so different (maybe even quite the opposite of each other), but I just love both.

About the Daniel Wellington watch – I love this classic sheffield with black band and rose gold clock. And the good thing is that you can get 15% off the Daniel Wellington watches with the code ‘taoofsophia’. It’s valid until the 30th of September. Go go go!




Tao of Sophia 323Tao of Sophia 324Tao of Sophia 325


Smile More top //

I’m wearing the same outfit as in my previous post, but I think these photographs are different enough to put them in a new post. Same outfit, but a different perspective.

I’m wearing the Tao of Sophia ‘Smile More’ top here. I redesigned the webshop – what do you think of the changes?


Tao of Sophia 321 Tao of Sophia 322

Tao of Sophia top // H&M long-line coat // Nike Huarache’s


The weather got me confused again. Since I got back in Amsterdam, it has been raining with cold temperatures. I’m already using all the radiators in my apartment and wearing autumn/winter clothing. It feels like Christmas is nearby. Oh and .. the outside air smells like winter! Really! You know what I think is most confusing? Time seems to go faster and faster. I didn’t expect summer to be over yet. Luckily enough, I like a little confusion. And change. Yes, I do like changes. But somehow I feel the entire world is changing. Changing too fast – exponentially – and I’m afraid that we can not keep track on it – adapt on it.

Anyway, don’t get dramatic with me. Sure it will be summer next week again.


Tao of Sophia roadtrip10Tao of Sophia roadtrip7 Tao of Sophia roadtrip8 Tao of Sophia roadtrip9


The roadtrip is coming to the end. As I’m writing this, we are heading back to Amsterdam in our car. I’m still not realizing it’s done, and I’m not sure if I will – it doesn’t feel like an end. It feels like a begin. A begin of new adventures. This roadtrip has made me realize I really want to live somewhere else for a certain period in my life. I have had this feeling for quite some years now, but this roadtrip has motivated me to follow this feeling. And now I know where I might want to pursue this dream – in Biarritz. This little city in the south of France, just next to Spain, has stolen my heart. Oh men.. this city has everything I like. It’s the place where surfing is born in Europe. It has that Los Angeles kind of spirit, but it has more overview (it’s waaay smaller than LA). Surfers walking through the city gives such a free and open feeling. It is as ‘hip’ as Amsterdam, with cute coffee shops and the coolest shops (which I am so surprised by, since it’s just a small city). Locals are chilling on the beach the entire day (read: in the night!) with a friends and .. alcohol. That’s how I would like to spend my Saturday evenings haha. And above all, it’s really safe. As far as I have heard, there is so little criminality. Rio de Janeiro is also a city which has the same kind of spirit and contraries, just like Biarritz. When I was in Rio, I was dreaming about living there. But I would’t be able to always walk on the streets on my own, and the city is so enormous. We also went to Barcelona last week – which is a city to my heart as well. I just love beach cultures. But Biarritz just feels so good..

Let’s make a beautiful new beginning of the end of my roadtrip. This new longboard is the first step to follow my dream <3


Tao of Sophia roadtrip5Tao of Sophia roadtrip3 Tao of Sophia roadtrip2 Tao of Sophia roadtripTao of Sophia roadtrip6

Blogging from the South of France again. We currently are close to Mont Pellier. The energy of that city felt good after certain days of rest. We slept outside in a hammock on a farm a few days ago. It was kind of scary in the beginning, but it was a cool experience eventually. Waking up in the nature with the sun shining on your head is so good. Anyway, so now we are staying at a friends place in a small village near to Mont Pollier. Experiencing the real France life (think of wine tasting, markets, olives, baguettes).

Zara jacket // H&M dress // Nike Huarache // Rayban sunglasses


Tao of Sophia821foto 2

Last sunday, I started a roadtrip to the South of Europe, together with my best friend. While this is only the third day, it already feels like I’m away from home for a week. Probably because of all the impressions. We are in the Camargue in France now. Such a beautiful region with a lot of nature. Can’t wait to explore it. I heard there are flamingos here, and a lot of horses. Don’t know why but it sounds so appealing to me haha.

Have you ever been to the South of France? Any tips?


Editorial Tao of Sophia shop1 Editorial Tao of Sophia shop2 Slideshow4Editorial Tao of Sophia shop3

Time for some new shirts in my shop! Before I sold boxy shaped shirts, now I came with a new idea – designing printed tops with the steps to happiness according to taoism. I love these slogans – so simple yet so strong. Couldn’t be more suitable for Tao of Sophia, right?!

The tops are oversized and have a great fit! The sleeves are cut off without seams. And the fabric is so good! It’s made of 100% Organic Cotton.

Check out my shop at TAOOFSOPHIA.TICTAIL.COM !

Schermafbeelding 2014-07-16 om 15.14.46


Tao of Sophia 418Tao of Sophia 419Tao of Sophia 421Tao of Sophia 420

I just watched some videos of Fashiolista on their Youtube channel, featuring several well-known fashion bloggers. It made me conscious about how the fashion blogging world wants to create a certain image. A glamorous kind off image. First question popping up in my head – “why are people in general so attracted to, and focussed on, a glamorous lifestyle?”. Followed up with the more interesting questions – “what is a glamorous lifestyle? does it even exists?”. Maybe the ones who are seeking such a lifestyle, are the ones who doesn’t understand the meaning of life. How is it possible human beings are often seeking a life they don’t know, and can’t have an understanding of,.. or may not even exist? Okay maybe I go too profound here. I just think – “seeking a glamorous lifestyle” – is such a weird thing. It feels so far away from human’s nature.

I’m sure a lot of fashion bloggers not even wish to create an fake image of themselves, but the commercialism causing it to. Anyway, I can actually only speak for myself – although blogging obviously is about showing yourself, I definitely don’t want to make everybody think I have a fabulous life.

What do you think of my new sandals of Riudavets? They are handmade from Spanish leather and recycled rubber of car tires. And they are so comfy!

Riudavets sandals // Haati Chai necklace // Amarilo rings // Dad‘s shirt


Tao of Sophia 417Tao of Sophia 410 Tao of Sophia 413Tao of Sophia 414(2)Tao of Sophia 415Tao of Sophia 411Tao of Sophia 416

Guys, I have to hurry a bit because Im going to Pitch festival in a hour. Just shot these photos at the new G-star building in Amsterdam. It’s so unbelievable beautiful. The minimalistic Architecture is giving so much peace. Definitely my new favorite shoot location.

Aaaah I’m so excited for the festival!! It’s two days long, aaaah! Okay byeeee!!


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