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The wide clothing trend. I love it. Not even only because the comfortability (which I’m obviously a huge fan of), but also because I really think it brings a certain charm along. My grandmother used to only wear all-black wide clothing. She radiated a powerful allure. I’m sure that her charm made negotiating paintings more easy when she was in Paris. Anyway, you know the girls who like to seduce boys while showing off their bodies. Those girls most likely will not like this wide clothing trend. But like I said, I do. I truly think it can be more playful than highlighting the sexual parts of the body.

Zara pants // Adidas shoes // H&M men’s department sweater // Daniel Wellington watch

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Bandhu definitely is my favorite jewelry brand. I love the minimalistic style of their pieces, but always blended with a bit of bohemian. Exactly the style I like.

“Minimalistic with a little touch of bohemian” – my new style definition.

I was searching for a tiny bar necklace for a while. I didn’t wanted just a simple one. I was looking for one with an edgy touch. Bandhu just started selling these with various colored leather inlays (see below). I’m saying you, the perfect tiny bar necklace for me.


Bandhu necklace // We The Hatters rings

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Wearing multiple rings has been a huge trend last seasons. It seems to be a trend fitting quite well with a lot of different styles. From bohemian to minimalism, and from glamorous to rock. And I do love a pair of rings. But rings don’t love me (if you don’t like sad stories, stop reading here). Like yesterday, I received these most beautiful rings from We The Hatters. Along with my full enthusiasm, I immediately putted them on my fingers. Some minutes afterwards, the ring got stuck in my hair and I lost, to be precisely, 22 hairs!! Uhm.. Out of preventative measures to sound like a drama queen, I’m gonna leave you here. Have a great day you all!

Quote to be in memory of my beloved lost hairs..

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Hi you all. I hope you had a great weekend. Amsterdam was too good to be true this weekend. We experienced a piece of summer (photos taken before obviously). For me it means; chilling in the park the entire day with friends, a lot of beers, good food, getting freckles haha.. and putting social media and all blog related things on a low level (read: non active). What did you do this weekend?

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Shot these photos this afternoon in the worst conditions. Crowded by people, cold temperatures, windy, sun and clouds fluctuating each few minutes, which means adapting the cameras settings constantly. Although, we still managed to make the photos quite serene.

Zara blouse and pants | H&M coat and ring | Birkenstock sandals

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Found this beautifully ruined garage in my neighborhood. While it’s a neighborhood full of million dollar apartments and extravagant shit, I was glad to find a square feet of Berlin in between.

Going to work on the leather t-shirt thing with my mom today! We’ve bought different fabrics, thought some things out and going to build the mini webshop.


H&M coat | Zara jeans | Nike Rosherun

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Slowly adapting my style to spring. Adding more whites, with a touch of bohemian. I am looking forward to wear more and more white. And this is how far I can come talking about fashion (but secretly I was talking about summer again).

Got a new blogger in my network, Laura of Fashionlandscape! I am so happy she joined our team. Now we are a network of four bloggers. I love the diversity in our personal styles, likewise in blogging styles. But I guess we all have a great aesthetic feeling. Be sure to check out all the blogs!




Bershka sweater | Nike Rosheruns | Zara jacket and jeans | Nick Cabana watch

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Let’s unlayer..

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It still might be winter, but spring fever is slowly taking over. Me. I don’t know about you, but I’m quite sensitive for sun. And blue skies. Compare me with cows dancing in the meadow after a long winter inside. Pure happiness, which might be associated with confusion and irrationality. Do you notice the diverse expressions in the photos? In my head it goes like: “Wow is it summer yet?! I think it is, Aaaaaah! Wow me hands are freezing.. Is it still winter?!”. But okay that’s me, the girl who does not understand time.

Anyway, that’s why we need layering now. Even more than during the hardcore winter months (which we have skipped here in Amsterdam!!!!!), to be able to adapt to the confusing temperatures, so that we can unlayer ourselves like an onion.

Who’s doing the cow dance with me? Please don’t take down my enthusiasm while telling me winter still might kick in..


H&M pants | Zara jackets | Nick Cabana watch | Adidas Superstar

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 My mom and I created this shirt. We both went through the whole process: designing it, searching for a nice fabric with a straight cut, creating a pattern and my mom has sewn it. I don’t have any sewing skills unfortunately, but my mom is a kick ass sewer! This is the result and I love it! We are actually thinking of selling this shirt in different colors through Tao of Sophia.

Would you be interested having this fake-leather shirt, even before we have finished our webshop? Different colors are possible! Mail me at:


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Nick Cabana Noir Raven watch | Zara sandals | H&M jeans

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