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Time for some new shirts in my shop! Before I sold boxy shaped shirts, now I came with a new idea – designing printed tops with the steps to happiness according to taoism. I love these slogans – so simple yet so strong. Couldn’t be more suitable for Tao of Sophia, right?!

The tops are oversized and have a great fit! The sleeves are cut off without seams. And the fabric is so good! It’s made of 100% Organic Cotton.

Check out my shop at TAOOFSOPHIA.TICTAIL.COM !

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I just watched some videos of Fashiolista on their Youtube channel, featuring several well-known fashion bloggers. It made me conscious about how the fashion blogging world wants to create a certain image. A glamorous kind off image. First question popping up in my head – “why are people in general so attracted to, and focussed on, a glamorous lifestyle?”. Followed up with the more interesting questions – “what is a glamorous lifestyle? does it even exists?”. Maybe the ones who are seeking such a lifestyle, are the ones who doesn’t understand the meaning of life. How is it possible human beings are often seeking a life they don’t know, and can’t have an understanding of,.. or may not even exist? Okay maybe I go too profound here. I just think – “seeking a glamorous lifestyle” – is such a weird thing. It feels so far away from human’s nature.

I’m sure a lot of fashion bloggers not even wish to create an fake image of themselves, but the commercialism causing it to. Anyway, I can actually only speak for myself – although blogging obviously is about showing yourself, I definitely don’t want to make everybody think I have a fabulous life.

What do you think of my new sandals of Riudavets? They are handmade from Spanish leather and recycled rubber of car tires. And they are so comfy!

Riudavets sandals // Haati Chai necklace // Amarilo rings // Dad‘s shirt


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Guys, I have to hurry a bit because Im going to Pitch festival in a hour. Just shot these photos at the new G-star building in Amsterdam. It’s so unbelievable beautiful. The minimalistic Architecture is giving so much peace. Definitely my new favorite shoot location.

Aaaah I’m so excited for the festival!! It’s two days long, aaaah! Okay byeeee!!


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I want to learn skateboarding. You may laugh at me now. I laugh at myself. But joyfully. I feel excited to learn ride a board. Like the excitement of a child. So, I went to a toys store and bought the cheapest one. Painted it white (got to board in style right?). In case I really like to ride it (which obviously means I succeeded), I want to buy a wooden longboard. Can you imagine me skateboarding down the boulevard of the seacoast?

A girl with big dreams..


Zara pants // Birkenstock sandals // COS shirt // H&M blouse


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While only my fingers are able to move the moment I’m writing this, the other parts of my body are drifting away. In a super soft, white substation. I guess it’s called clouds. Or maybe I’m confusing it with my bed. Anyway, it is what is it and I don’t feel like seeking what it is. Seeking might distract me from enjoying the moment.

Hope you feel my sarcasm and at the same time my serious philosophize.

Zara jeans, top and sandals // Infinitine jewelry



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I always choose quotes which are based on my own, current experiences. When someone in my surroundings, or just me, is dealing with something related to it – or just as a reminder for myself.

The last days I found myself doubting, and even worrying, about the point I’m at in my life this moment. A lot of questions were running through my head such as “am I developing myself enough? shouldn’t I already live in a much bigger house? with a boyfriend?”. It’s not bad to wonder about these kind of things, but it felt strange for me. I wasn’t used to this kind of doubting anymore. The past year I always believed things are the way they are supposed to be. That I’m exactly at the point where I am supposed to be.

This is the point where I actually should make a joke. To make it all less serious and spiritual. Well, let’s consider this paragraph as a joke, shall we? ;)

Anyway, I just got started reading Tao of Pooh (by Benjamin Hoff) again. It immediately creates peace in me, and gets me to the point of Taoism. My story so far. I would love hear about your experiences, thoughts or opinion.



Motel Rocks shorts // Haati Chai necklace // Adidas superstar // Vjewelry rings


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Novelty is a creative clothing label based in the Netherlands. I have to admit I was not that novel while combining this outfit here. You might already recognized it.. Indeed, I was inspired by the CR Fashion Book‘s photoshoot the ‘denim guide’. Been made possible by my new Anine Bing denim jacket!

Novelty T-shirt // Anine Bing denim jacket // Zara men’s dep. sweater // Nike socks